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During 2 years of work got first AOL spam abuse complaint from my host

Posted by LetsGoViral, 10-21-2015, 04:19 AM
When people register for the service we are running they get a confirmation mail to verify e-mail. Recently, our host sent us a message from AOL, the title read: "AbuseAOL: Email Feedback Report for IP XX.XX.XXX.XXX" We do not send newsletters, we do not send spam. Service has been running for years and we have sent out thousands of e-mails with no problems. The file enclosed features reference to our confirmation mail that users must click on to approve their accounts. I checked and there are not too many AOL users emails registered. Anyone has any idea what could have caused AOL to send complaint about this mail? I don't think it is malware or botnet that has hacked our server, since the file enclosed referenced the confirmation mail that is sent to every new user. I did check that the user never confirmed his e-mail, the e-mail seems to belong to a company in different city (this is speculation from Google search) than the IP of the user. Could it be that user accidentally indicated a different email and the recipient of the email thought it was spam because of this and reported it to AOL? Report about spam or abuse was sent to my host from scomp@aol.net. Last edited by LetsGoViral; 10-21-2015 at 04:34 AM.

Posted by PITBPAOKDS0, 10-22-2015, 11:45 PM
Your host is signed up to the AOL FBL, so any time an AOL user designates a message that came from your host's IP space as spam, AOL will let your host know this. Your host just passed it on to you because the email came from your server's IP. Now, if you think about the AOL users, you are probably wondering why you haven't received more complaints in the past. Which is brighter, an AOL user or burnt out light bulb The true AOL user may never have signed up for your service -- perhaps somebody falsely filled in a signup form with an AOL address. Entirely possible. But, much much much more likely is that an AOL user accidentally designated a message as spam rather than specifying it was trash. Or maybe they decided they didn't want to sign up and simply marked the legitimate email from you as spam just to be an ass. Unless you get more of them in the near future, it's likely safe to just ignore that message -- although you should archive it. Keeping track of abuse reports is a good thing. The bad thing is I'm pretty sure AOL munges the AOL address that the "spam" was sent to when they send the report to your host. So unless you have something inserted into the email body that will let you determine for certainty the AOL user that it was actually sent to, or you can cul your server mail logs and figure out what AOL user it was sent to based upon timestamp, you might find it hard to track down what AOL address designated it as spam. P

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