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mysql access connection issue

Posted by pjmignone, 04-14-2008, 06:20 PM
Hi: We have switched from hsphere to cpanel and am still getting the wrinkles out of our system. Customer's database system is no longer working and thier progerammer advises: Peter, "One if the things I used to do when you used HSphere, and one of the things I still need to do, is connect to our MySQL database by way of a local MS Access database located on my computer at work. This is necessary because information will need to be constantly exchanged between the databases. To do this, I would use ADO objects generated by MS Access and connect to the MySQL database by way of the ADO object's methods. To connect, I would use the "open" method of the "connection" object. The visual basic code would look like this: Set rconnect = New ADODB.Connection rconnect.Open "Driver=MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver; Server=mysql.a1wpp.net; Data Source=cust_reports", "cust_master", "password" The connection string was, "Driver=MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver; Server=mysql.a1wpp.net; Data Source=cust_reports" My username was, "cust_master" My password was, "password" This would work fine with HSphere, but it won't work with Cpanel. I'm writing to ask if anything has changed, such as the name of the MySQL server you use," I am no programmer so I am not quite following it. But it seems to me that the name of the server has to be changed. In CPANEL would the mysql server's name be the domain name or something else. Can he connect using that code with the correct server name, usernaem, passwords etc. or there a security issue.. I notice there is a remote mysql section in cpannel. Please advise. Thanks! Pete

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