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Need Help about error

Posted by ___lucky___, 03-09-2012, 03:22 AM
hi friend i m geting a Error when i try to login my admincp its say Unable to add cookies, header already sent. File: /tmp/.8ba61afc98abbd29559ab5f3cd7ea0d0 Line: 8 can any one help me about it please

Posted by gotlivechat, 03-09-2012, 09:33 AM
See these responses to your error: https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/arch...t-371716.html? and http://www.photopost.com/forum/bugs-...tions-php.html

Posted by E_102, 03-11-2012, 11:04 AM
This means that some line has already echoed something to the browser. I suggest you move your cookie setting code as up as you can.

Posted by Mastermind Networks, 03-11-2012, 10:25 PM
You got two choices , either you fix the code so it won't send anything from the server before the tasks are done or you can use output buffering .

Posted by ___lucky___, 03-12-2012, 04:03 AM
i have still same issue plea help me out please Not Found The requested URL /i/rem.php was not found on this server. vBulletin Message Unable to add cookies, header already sent. File: /tmp/.b8ec63019e753181af41a2eff3e808e3 Line: 8

Posted by T-Junk, 03-13-2012, 09:38 AM
From what I've read, it sounds like a plugin issue on vBulletin. Here is a link on how to regain access: Help! I've broken my board!

Posted by ___lucky___, 03-14-2012, 04:32 AM
i try it also but same issue dont know wats wrong, actually i was runing my site on other server its working fine on that server , i buy new hosting from vebnest.com and upload my site on vebnest server after that i m facing this issue on my site i make also ticket to vebnest but they still not fix it or try to fix this issue...

Posted by T-Junk, 03-14-2012, 09:37 AM
Sorry to hear that you're still having trouble! If I were you, I would start looking at these points: 1. Do you have a file at "/i/rem.php" ? 2. Is there a .htaccess file in your root directory redirecting to "/i/rem.php" ? 3. Is your vBulletin up to date? Also, since the file giving you the "Unable to add cookies..." error appears to be a temp file, you MIGHT be able to just delete it, but do so AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!! You can do a web search for that error and find that LOTS of sites have suffered it as well, so hopefully it's just a vBulletin issue. Best of luck! I hope you get it sorted out. P.S.Maybe it's not to late to jump ship and find a host that will assist you?

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