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cache issues with MB?? - legit excuse?

Posted by PC_Nerd, 05-31-2008, 05:25 PM
Hi, Ive been with my certain host for about 1.5 - 2 years now, and their support has been fantastic. yesterday I received a blank email that was sent from me and CC's to another address. I contacted my host about this and noted my concern for my privacy. I then asked them why this happened - and i was first palmed off (of course). then they finally said: "there were issues with the BM which which caused the email to be sent. It has been fixed".. Firstly... MB??? Secondly... cache sending emails???! Im asking mainly because I dont want to go asking them about somethign that may be quite legit in the hardware world - but im mainly software. could this "Cache issue" be causing a large security risk to my contact details etc.??? Note:: It seems that they've hidden their privacy policy ( if they have it anymore)... Thanks

Posted by ximi, 06-01-2008, 11:58 AM
MB as in motherboard? No. The cache doesn't execute anything on it's own, only the CPU does which is controlled by the OS. Perhaps they're trying to say they got hacked in some way.

Posted by fog, 06-01-2008, 12:12 PM
The fact that they send you a blank e-mail, don't give you a response until you persist in asking, and then give you a poorly-written (if that's an actual quote?) excuse that doesn't make any sense, would concern me a lot. However, I wouldn't jump right to security concerns. An old host I was with would periodically send me blank e-mails. I think it was just ineptitude on their part. Did they say something about a cache? The quote you provided didn't, which is what has me confused. But as ximi says, a cache in hardware is exactly the same as in software -- it just stores data. Caches don't mysteriously go sending e-mails to people. In fact, I don't see how a cache could have anything to do with sending you a blank e-mail. (I guess it could be tangentially related, if they were using stale cache data, but that still begs the question: what's sending the e-mail?)

Posted by PC_Nerd, 06-01-2008, 05:15 PM
ok - thanks yes it did say cache issues ( sorry i forgot that crucial word "There was a cache issue with MB, which were sending out blank emails." Thats the direct copy/paste. ive since contacted the host to receive a copy of the privacy policy....... and ive been jumping through hoops ever since. First they sent me to the terms and conditions which has no mention of their privacy policy, then i was sent to the about us page and finally to a information page about copyright infringmenent. Ive sent them a number of politely angry emails.... but all i ever get with this case is jumping through hoops. im emailing now to c;larify with the MB = Motherboard ( if so client support be telling me that instead of trying to hide it in abbreviated form?) What would you reccomend me do? Ive already mentioned phrases such as "Dont wish to maintain my buisness with a company who cannot be up front about the availability of a privacy policy" etc etc - but nothign came of it. Thanks

Posted by fog, 06-01-2008, 06:03 PM
Oh, I bet they meant ModernBill, the web-based billing system. That would make more sense than a motherboard issue. I'm not terribly impressed with them from what you've said here, but it's possible that they're honest, good people who simply had some technical issues without any security problems, and who haven't bothered to write a privacy policy. My main concern would be that they've been dismissive and vague to your questions, especially since you had well-founded concerns about the security of your personal data.

Posted by PC_Nerd, 06-02-2008, 02:07 AM
We do not have any such privacy policy documented. , a division of is a reputed company and is firmly committed to the privacy of our clients. We collect particular information from clients for billing and administrative functions. None of the information collected for these functions is provided to any outside party for any reason. Security measures are in place to protect against loss, alteration, or misuse of data collected. Clients are responsible for ensuring that only they or their authorized designers utilize their accounts. Suspected incidents of unauthorized use of a client account should be reported to... [blah blah blah] etc. Thats the current reply ive got after a long to get such a reply. Your right about the billing system being MB - that was clarified from another email. Do you think that this vaugeness about such a policy ( as they are a big company ( shoudl i name them here?))... I thought it would be sich a thing to both protect themselves as well as clients etc. Is this a serious enough issue for me to begin lookng elsewhere? Thyanks for all your help so far - its been brilliant.

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