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Any Ideas on how to handle this?

Posted by Misty, 11-23-2000, 11:47 AM
I was recently with Communitech but found them to be a bit expensive, $100 a month for a developer account. So I've been researching other hosts to host my account and also my resold accounts. In all my research I drilled down to WebExpose.net and loved them for the first month. Great customer support (usually answered within an hour), very cheap, and supported everything I need. So I tried them out for a month myself with my account and just this week I went ahead and created the page on my site to let my customers start signing up for it. Well, I tried to sign up 3 new orders yesterday and they sign up page is broke. To make it worse, their customer support is non existent lately. Im going on days now of waiting for questions to be answered. A friend of mine who is also a reseller is now going on 11 days of no response back from them. I have emailed them, paged them and tried their emergency line (which doesnt get answered). So now Ive got 3 customers who want to sign up yet I cant do anything with them. Anyone have any ideas on what to do next? Anyone have any similar programs so that I can atleast get these 3 customers signed up before they think Im nuts for taking 3 days to sign them up?

Posted by Paul_Szymanski, 11-23-2000, 12:03 PM
Caught between a rock and a hard place it seems. If I were you I would sign them up with either http://hostrocket.com or http://hostmatters.com and then transfer them back to webexpose.net. Personally, if I were you I would transfer to Annette at http://hostmatters.com as she has always been helpful to everyone and I heard her support is quite timely. Definitely sign your 3 new clients up somewhere right away though and then transfer them to webexpose.net if you have to later. I know if I was a customer I would be very displeased with waiting three days, so sign them up!!

Posted by Chicken, 11-23-2000, 12:05 PM
Misty, guessing you require NT hosting eh? Going to make it a bit more difficult... can you go for non-NT for you/resold accounts?

Posted by Misty, 11-23-2000, 12:07 PM
Most importantly I need somewhat similar packages as far as pricing goes. I need supprt for Cold Fusion and ASP. Database is definitely needed, Access and SQL. I guess more importantly than anything is support!

Posted by BC, 11-23-2000, 07:12 PM
Misty, Did you get the 'system e-mail' from Philip (webmaster) explaining the recent lack of support? It clarifies things a bit, but I really am a bit disappointed at the moment about WebExpose. I will most probably make the move to Tera-Byte before Christmas......

Posted by Misty, 11-23-2000, 09:17 PM
Yeah I just finished reading the email from Philip. A little confused by it but atleast we know they aren't dead. I took down the sign up page off my site today showing their package and I am trying to compose a somewhat polite letter to my 3 new customers who are supposed to be signed up and let them know what is going on. I have been searching all day for a new hostin company with a reseller program that has everything I need and hopefully will be able to get soemthing online soon again, atleast with these 3 new customers. He did mention that emergencies would be addressed immediately but its going on two days now since I sent in an emergency request. Oh well we live and we learn. So I guess here is looking forward to moving all of my sites AGAIN and researching AGAIN. Happy Thanksgiving all!

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