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FTP transfer between 2 servers, which is the best way. not cPanel

Posted by angelsp, 07-27-2008, 05:30 PM
I've just purchased a dedicated server from singlehop, very nice people, even sunday, reply ticket in 15 mins as promised, very happy, thanks Dan, Sam, Azi, I've been asking question all day, and eventually got my server set up. I've got a question though, a few websites which hosted in a shared server, they don't use cPanel. How can I move files from there to my server? My server is linux system. Sam told me use FTP software, I tried FlashFTP, logged in 2 servers, but can't transfer files, don't know what reason. Does anyone has a better idea to move all my website? I can ZIP them all. Just don't want to download and upload, can I move directly? In windows, we can use download software download directly by http links, can we do the same, how ? Thank you very much for help.

Posted by bmfan, 07-27-2008, 05:33 PM
log into your new server and from a shell use lftp. or you could zip or tar the files and use wget from your new server..

Posted by angelsp, 07-27-2008, 05:49 PM
i am quite new, is there a simple way to do so please?

Posted by SingleHop-Andy, 07-27-2008, 05:53 PM
angelsp, First off: Welcome aboard! The answer to your question is dependent on what type of operating systems we're talking about. A straight copy from your current host to your SingleHop server is definitely the right approach -- there is no need for the stop in the middle at your house, which may slow things down depending on the upstream provided by your residential provider... If this a linux to linux transfer, you may want to look at using rsync to copy the data, since it's very reliable and has an incremental copy feature. However, this all depends on if your shell at the non-cPanel host allows you to use this command. First, create the account on your cpanel server, provide it shell access, and then start the copy into your public_html/ directory on your SingleHop server. Next, databases are moved the same way, but because of cPanel's schema that is uses to create databases ($USERNAME_databasename), you may have to do a bit of reconfiguring in the connection scripts before you make the final DNS change. So, create your databases on your SingleHop cPanel server first to get things setup. If you have access to PHPMyAdmin or any other MySQL database management utilities, you can perform a full dump of all your databases, download it to your computer, and then import them using the cPanel PHPMyAdmin tool provided in the account's cPanel interface. Finally, your e-mail. This becomes a bit tricky and again depends on which mail server technology the current host is using. I know cPanel has some conversion scripts that may support a lot of MTA's, but we can definitely take a deeper look once we get that far... Windows is a completely different story, and can often be moved by yet another straight source to destination copy using windows file sharing to the pre-configured IIS document root (this can all be done via the Plesk administrative web interface, or RDP by click on start -> administrative tools -> IIS Manager). All our technicians on staff have plenty of experience in migrating non-cPanel to cPanel and Windows websites so if you are subscribed to our Managed Services (or just have a small question about any of the above) drop in a ticket and expect that same 15 minute response time with a detailed, technical explanation Last edited by SingleHop-Andy; 07-27-2008 at 05:59 PM.

Posted by angelsp, 07-27-2008, 06:10 PM
Thanks a lot Andy, I know almost of the things,just the files, have no idea what to do. I can ZIP each of my site, some of them may huge, like 10GB. Just thinking if I can use any software from the server, download the big ZIP file from my old server to it like windows does. Sam from support gave me 2 ways, one is using WinFXP, which I didn't find anywhere, he says WinFXP can transfer files through FTP from my old server to my current server, which is Linux. the 2nd way is command, which I totally have no idea, because i am a newbie. The question now seems left as this, ZIP file is ready, http links are avaible, move to my linux server and unzip. I have no idea if we have a simple for newbie to finish this. Thanks for help, everyone. I used managed package, nice one, super value, very happy with it.

Posted by jNive, 07-27-2008, 08:48 PM
Log into your cPanel server using SSH (google for Putty) or the built-in cPanel SSH module. At the command prompt type wget http://youroldserver/file.zip This will download the zip file to the homedirectory of your inux server. then unzip -d /folder/to/extract/to file.zip

Posted by angelsp, 07-27-2008, 09:33 PM
fantastic, that's what I need. thanks jNive and everyone. Will try now.

Posted by angelsp, 07-28-2008, 11:27 AM
i tried it, but connection speed became 0 after 10 secs, and stopped. since our forum are as big as 60 GB, we ZIP them into dozens of 1-3 GB FILES. What's the best way to download them all to my server? I it was windows server, I can use flashget or similar software and put all links in and just wait, can we do the same in linux? all files linke are http, like www.xyc.com/0805.zip thanks for help

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