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Best cloud setup based on your own personal recommendation..

Posted by m0nkee, 01-11-2012, 12:19 AM
What do you think the best cloud server setup configuration is on a personal level? I would like to know your feed back on what you like and enjoy, not just what the community say's is the best, but on a personal feel of cloud what do you feel is the most reliable and easy to use, liked cloud setup currently or ideas/recommendations to do. Why I'm asking as I currently have been with a few cloud providers and each of them are running a different setup - well, that is the reason why I'm with different ones is because I wanted to test each and every setup that they provided so I went with about 4 different providers running a different 'cloud setup / configuration' and, i'm got it down too about two of the providers that I enjoy, but I would like to know some feed back on what you feel is the best configuration / setup and way to go about it if you got too choose your setup/how it's managed/control panel/hardware etc what would you want for your cloud. I would just like to know the overall setup you would want your cloud to have if you had the option to build it from the WHOLE thing ground up from selecting: hardware... control... management panel options... redundancy.... fail-safe options... etc your overall cloud features/options & setups.. The reason I'm really asking is because I really don't even know what I would want and if you do respond with something please include why, and information about it if you could like, if it's a 1Gb real CLOUD, or a 512mb cloud etc things like that. I just don't want a cloud VPS; or how some providers are saying they are providing cloud when it's just a KVM virtual machine using onapp or something close too that. I've been trying a few different things for a cloud-project our business is toy'ing around with for the new year and there is no set plan to offer cloud or anything to that such nature but just as a play project for our team to mess around with, and we always wend up doing our own customizations too it over the time... but we would like to know what the community enjoys, loves, and wishes to see more offer / provide. What do you think a good / normal cloud should cost also? There's tons of different prices ranges now days with all the new cloud providers popping up! Thank you for your time...

Posted by dediserve, 01-11-2012, 05:29 AM
Perhaps you should start by dropping the word 'cloud' and defining your requirements? There are many many variations on the theme and in theory, onapp running kvm or xen is a cloud, so are vps providers that fit the technical definition of being able to scale, on demand, etc,,,

Posted by VMhosts, 01-16-2012, 05:15 PM
Most people if they are buying "cloud" are buying into scalability and reliability. Personally I think any cloud must provide HA (High Availability). the ability to failover to another physical server in the event of a failure. Isolated hosts running a virtualisation hypervisor may offer a degree of flexibility and scalability but failover is not automated. The key components to any cloud are storage and network. Try and get as much information out of the provider around their San technology and their experience with it. Price wise, it is a very competitive market but you pay for what you get. You can buy into very cheap platforms but if they are charge rock bottom prices, chances are they won't have enough margin to invest in San technologies which are needed to provide a reliable, performing solution.

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