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Game Web Hosting

Posted by Chapel, 02-11-2002, 07:03 AM
My plan is to setup a reseller business directed towards the gaming industry. Be it for actual games, mods of games, clans for games, news sites, whatever. I plan on having something to facilitate that. I would like your guys advice on what would be a good host to buy a reseller package from. I will need quite a bit of space, 10 gigs +, really more than that. With a large transfer limit. I can have file size limits. And the people could be hosting files for the games, and what not, so not all the files will be theirs. Of course nothing illegal. I need something resonable, but I am thinking of a higher budget since I do require a little more than most. And if you have any tips for me, that might help me get going faster. I would greatly appreciate it. BTW, I am currently hosted by www.micdhosting.com who was hosted by DonHost, which I didnt know, and now they are moving, and I have no site, so I am wondering if anyone has any info about that company, and what I should do. I will post the email they sent me if you guys want to read this. Thanx alot in advance. Chapel

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