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Is SpamTitan for hosting companies the right solution?

Posted by CoolMike, 05-18-2009, 12:21 PM
Hi We are a hosting company with about 10000 customer domains. We are looking for a good spamfilter gateway and found Spamtitan. Do you think SpamTitan would work well with so many customer domains? How many servers do you recommend for this amount? I realized that in the admin area a lot is done with domain dropdown elements to choose the domainname. This is for sure not the best solution with this amount of domains. Our plan is, that customers don't have access to ST but only get the quarantine report mail. Will there be a resource problem in creating this report once a day for about 50000 mail addresses? Are there any other hosting companies which are using ST? Regards Mike PS: I posted this text already at the ST Forum, but didn't get an answer yet. So I hope I get here some comments from other hosters.

Posted by ServerManagement, 05-18-2009, 12:38 PM
Spam services are intended to handle large amounts of domains so they should be able to, but regardless of anyone's opinion, you really should contact them directly and ask them how many domains they can handle. If it's too many for one account you may be able to split it into multiple accounts.

Posted by CoolMike, 05-18-2009, 03:25 PM
SpamTitan is an appliance solution similar to Mailfoundry or Baracuda. From the developers I got some figures, but I was interested to hear if other hosters are using this spam gateway.

Posted by rankris, 05-18-2009, 03:30 PM
never used SpamTitan before

Posted by Babushka99, 05-18-2009, 04:36 PM
We looked at ST before. But just like yourself, when you have a large number of domains, paying for a spam solution that is based on per user mailbox pricing, is simply not viable. The main issue in handling spam (in our opinion are): 1. Clients really don't want to use the 'quarantine' functionality or be able to set their own policies (its great to be able to do this, but in reality they don't). 2. Implement a solution that will essentially reduce your spam by say 97%-98% - implement some RBLs, but be sure to know your customers. For example if you are in India or Turkey, so many IPs are on RBL, that your customers will be screaming that their emails are not coming through. Choosing an RBL itself becomes an art in some parts of the world. Implement too many RBLs and you'll be sorry. In our experience bl.spamcop.net is probably one of the best, needless to say, your mileage will vary. 3. Spam emails: The solution is to quarantine them. Should a user ask, be able to query your quarantine database and release the email and possibly whitelist the domain/sender. 4. Take care care of how your back-up MX are defined, they will get hit with a lot of spam too. 5. The MAIN element we were looking for was to 'quickly' and I mean quickly (less then 30 seconds) find out if a message was blocked / quarantine / allowed by the spam filter. Going over logs manually, etc. is a tedious task. We've tried everything. In the end we've settled for Barracuda - the ability to query the message log is probably its best feature. Users can be given their own settings to whitelist/blacklist, set spam quarantine/block options, etc. should they so want to. I know you were asking for opinions on ST, but seriously give Barracuda a look. for 10k domains, your best bet is a clustered 600 or 800 appliance. it all depends how many sessions you're doing a day.

Posted by CoolMike, 05-18-2009, 04:55 PM
Thanks a lot for your answers. You can buy a site license with ST which prices 8000$ per year. So, compared to the hardware appliances it's not that expensive. But I will definitly look at Barracua now...

Posted by prashant1979, 05-19-2009, 12:29 PM
I have used SpamTermino and it does a great job. They use Maicleaner open source. You can try it or if budget permits for a server or two, can install the open source version of MailCleaner.

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