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Tomsyer ?

Posted by alex-info, 12-05-2003, 10:35 AM
Hi, I'd like some opinions from resellers using Tomsyer (The Tomsyer network). I did a search in theses forums, and found very divided posts about him. I see he has a good reputation for service, but also see he got flamed a lot for offering unlimited BW some time ago (seem to be removed now). I'd like to know opinios from actual or pasts clients ... how's the uptime, support, server speed and network speed ? What'S really puzzling my mind is his costs. I'm looking at his resellers accounts to be used as a second datacenter (a backup for my current host wich is very good) and the costs seem too low ... He's offering à 3Gb (disk) /15Gb (transfer) for 9.99 ... while for 12$ I can only get 1Gb/20Gb at my current host ... Are thoses costs too low ? Thanks !

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