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Resellers offering Turck Loader PHP extension

Posted by Master Bo, 12-03-2003, 03:08 AM
Greetings, May I ask if you know of companies providing Web hosting reseller packages (Unix-based) to send me a PM and/or reply here if their hosting environment includes Turck Loader (an extension allowing to run PHP scripts encoded by Turck MMCache Encoder)? A number of people asked me to find such a hosting, to place their sites there in encoded form. I know UltraUnix provides Turck Loader extension. Very nice of them. Does anyone else provide? I hope this posting does not violate current WHT policies, since none of resellers do ever mention this extension in their offer posts - I would waste both WHT resources and my time asking every one of hosters about Turck Loader. Thank you! With all respect, Konstantin Last edited by The3bl; 12-03-2003 at 03:50 AM.

Posted by The3bl, 12-03-2003, 03:53 AM
MOD NOTE: I have edited your post so that is does not ask members to break the rules. You can ask for recommendations but you cannot ask companies to PM you with their offerings. I suggest you consider finding a few resellers you are interested in and asking if they have or will consider installing it for you. Last edited by The3bl; 12-03-2003 at 04:04 AM.

Posted by inteltechs, 12-03-2003, 04:19 AM
Turck MMCache and zend optimizer are pretty popular, most host companies have those.

Posted by net-trend, 12-03-2003, 04:36 AM
Exactly! Do that and you will yield better results.

Posted by Master Bo, 12-03-2003, 04:56 AM
OK, you convinced me. Zend Optimizer is almost conditio sine qua non nowadays -- let's see whether Turck and/or ionCUBE loaders are, as well. Thank you! All the best, Konstantin

Posted by Daijoubu, 12-05-2003, 04:34 AM
Zend Encoder ain't free :p And the Turck Loader can be dynamicly dl()'ed Just need the right compil for your OS/version Keep in mind that Turck MMCache speeds up things (the zend optimizer does ****)

Posted by Master Bo, 12-05-2003, 04:55 AM
Just to correct: I said 'Zend Optimizer', not 'Zend Encoder'. Zend Encoder isn't free. But Zend Optimizer, required to run Zend-Encoded scripts, IS free. As all such loaders are. As for dl()ing the Turck loader - it can be done only in case of non-multithreading installation of Apache. And, anyway, the .so should be built somehow - by hosting provider or on exactly the same system elsewhere. All the best, Konstantin

Posted by Daijoubu, 12-05-2003, 06:00 PM
Yes, the loader is free, but masterbo would need to get the Zend Encoder

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