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lighttpd config | rewrite | logging | hot linking

Posted by jmunki, 06-07-2010, 03:36 PM
Hello, Im looking for some assistance or guidance as my hours of google bashing to find an answer is making me blind to a solution. What im trying to achieve: a real time user access logging system. using lighttpd id either like to set the config up to split the logs automatically by folder, either by dumping to a seperate access log for each folder, or by pushing them via a php script. but the php script needs to show the file/image afterwards. the problem with the above code is say i access /test/1.png, it loads up access.php, trys to include 1.png and because its requested it again, sends itself into a loop and either loads 404 or a red X not found image icon thingy. so google bashing for a few hrs, and trying everything i can think of outside the box, im now confusing and not able to see simple things, hence the posting. blocking by referer (all) and only allowing or the domain/subdomain access to files are red x imaging with the php route. (think its looping) Ive tried the access log route also. In the hope that each folder will get its own log, which i can then load via a browser(once in http folder) but it seems not to be working. So apologies if everyones now as confused as me , but essentially; usr access' file, file needs to be logged. ideally if someone can just point me in the right direction with some key words/brainstorming ideas etc it would be much appreciated. J

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